ver the course of history, the way artists have painted—and the mediums they use—has evolved. New technology and changing tastes mean that the paints used by artists have continued to diversify. But how do you know which is the right type of paint for you? Many of us are familiar with watercolor, oil, and acrylic paint, but there’s so much more out there for artists to explore.
While some types of painting, like fresco and tempera, aren’t practiced quite as frequently, others are seeing a resurgence. For instance, a renewed interest in hand lettering and sign painting has made enamel paint trendier than ever.

As an artist, how can you decide on the right type of paint for your artwork? Having a good grasp of the characteristics of each paint and the aesthetic they provide will help you narrow down your choices. Some painting techniques are easy for artists of all levels to pick up, while others may require more advanced technical skills.
1 Oil Painting
2 Acrylic Painting
3 Watercolor Painting
4 Gouache Painting
5 Pastel Painting
6 Encaustic Painting
7 Fresco Painting
8 Spray Painting
9 Ink Wash Painting
10 Tempera Painting
11 Enamel Painting